NEWS RELEASE September 14th, 2002, the Superintendent of T.C.P. World Academy, Karen Y. French received the Congressional Citation for excellence in Educational Reform and Leadership. The School District Leadership plaque was presented to Ms. French for outstanding leadership within the school district. It was presented by Congressman Major Owens at the Capital Hilton Hotel in Washington D.C. during the CBCs Annual Legislative Conference held throughout the week of September 11th-14th, 2002. Ms. Karen Y. French is the founder and Superintendent of T.C.P. World Academy, Technological College Preparatory World Academy, a community school which just opened August 2000. Kindergarden students at T.C.P. World Academy scored higher on the California Achievement Test than the National scores in Reading, Language, and Math. Fourth and Sixth grade students made remarkable improvements in Reading, Writing, Math, Science and Citizenship. The Sixth grade students scored significantly higher than students in the school district, Cincinnati Public Schools, where 98% of the students came from. Congressman Major Owens is the Chair of the CBC Education Braintrust and Education Technology Think Tank.