Clever Crazes for Kids (CCK) is a project of a 501(c)(3) not-for profit organization. Clever Crazes for Kids focuses on children (ages 6 through 12) and aspires to:

  1. Teach the perils of "overeating" (childhood obesity) and leverage the benefits of healthy nutrition,
  2. Teach the benefits of exercise and physical activity,
  3. Teach "living green" and improving the sustainability of the planet, and
  4. Teach character and self-esteem building behavior and discourage bullying.
  5. Enable Kids to compete for prizes to benefit their schools!

123YourWeb developed a totally interactive website made up of five separate Flash 'Worlds'. Each world is loaded with animated avatars who talk and guide the site visitors through a wealth of learning and gaming.

CleverCrazes for Kids